We offer workshops and one to one training for photographers of basic and intermediate skill, focussing on understanding how the camera systems work and how to get the best out of them to provide consistently good quality images.





Our twenty years experience in the photography industry means we can offer clients of our training workshops a means of gaining insight into the techniques needed to improve their images.


All our courses are aimed at getting the image right in camera so reducing the need for post processing. After all why spend time working on a computer that could be spent making images! Some post processing is always necessary; the aim is to reduce it to the necessary minimum.


For those wanting to find out how to use their equipment properly and understand the basics of digital photography we offer a one day workshop, 'Basic Digital Photography'.


For the more experienced wanting to get to get more out of their equipment and photography we have a one day 'Intermediate' workshop.


We also offer bespoke one to one workshops for those looking to enhance specific areas of their skill set, usually on location or in studio.




This workshop is aimed at photographers who want to fully understand the functionality of their DSLR's or mirrorless cameras and be able to produce technically competent images.


The basic camera systems provide similar function regardless of manufacturer; this course helps understand what these functions are, how and when they can be used, and the basic techniques of photography providing a foundation for building a comprehensive platform to build on.


The key points covered are;


 - How the camera works, lens, sensor / light gathering, processing, storage, buffering

 - RAW versus JPG

 - Exposure and ISO, using the histogram

 - White balance

 - Camera exposure settings, what they are and when to use which setting, how to find the correct exposure

 - Auto ISO, image noise and ISO

 - Focus and auto focus, the types and how they work

 - Types of photography, 'action' and 'static', how to establish the appropriate settings for each

 - Natural light and artificial light, using flash

 - Image stabilisation, tripods

 - Care for your camera, cleaning, sensor cleaning, weather proofing

 - Image quality and post processing

 - Vital accessories and useful accessories; tripods, bags, remote triggers, intervalometers, helpful apps,


After this course the attendee will be confident in the use of their equipment in most situations and be able to produce quality images consistently.




A workshop aimed at building on the basic skills of the digital photographer by adding to the understanding of the photographic techniques and the technology of digital cameras.


The workshop covers;

 - Understanding digital image processing in camera, and how to get the best out of the system

 - Manual exposure, metering techniques, getting the best data for the image, Exposure to the Right, low and high key images

 - Panning, moving subjects, auto focus management

 - Long exposure, bracketing, exposure techniques, low light and night photography

 - Flash techniques; fill flash, studio lighting

 - Depth of field, hyperfocal focussing, and lens compression

 - Ambient light management, use of filters


Workshops can be organised for groups or individuals as needed.


To find out more about these workshops please email davidhammant@djhimages.co.uk or telephone us on 0797 1010 370.













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